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Vista concepts specializes in providing Green walls, Green roofs, Drainage cells and Grass pavers for you to have a one stop solution provider for your  urban landscaping requirements.


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Greenwall-Vertical Garden

Introducing you a Flexible Vertical Garden System to create your own green wall which is modular and flexible to append itself to any type of wall surface.


Our green wall system is easy to maintain and sustainable. Watering can be done manually, by drip irrigation or automated. It provides inbuilt drainage lines through out the green wall which helps to sustain the green wall plants and promote growth.


Creating your own green wall pattern is easy and you can use the same plants to create new patterns for a new look to your Vertical garden.


Green Roof ( Drainage cells )

The concept of green roofs has now been tested and proved to provide many benefits like reducing storm water runoff, controlling the heat island effect in the modern cities and providing a sustainable urban green climate for us.

Drainage cell is one of the most important component in a green roof setup. Vista concepts provides drainage cells which provides a excellent drainage layer for the green roof.

Our drainage cells 30 mm are available with water storage feature which reduces watering frequency. The water stored beneath the soil provides moisture and helps plants to sustain the dry season.




Our Landscaping product range consists of and Grass pavers and Turf pavers for your permeable and sustainable lawn requirements.


Turf pavers are also used in many other applications for ground reinforcement and slope protection.



Artificial Vertical Greening


Our Artificial green wall solution is for our clients who require quick greening with no maintenance as they have a busy schedule.


We supply quality artificial greening tiles which are environmentally friendly and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Installation is quick and easy to provide an instant greening for any kind of vertical surfaces.