Artificial Vertical Garden

There has been a increased interest in Vertical Greening. Many enthusiasts get discouraged when they have limited time at their disposal and also have limited water resource. As a best solution, We suggest for our artificial vertical garden which is an environmentally friendly way of beautification of your property.

Artificial vertical greening resembles very close to the natural vegetation and needs minimum maintenance after installation.

Artificial vertical green wall
Model : A1

We supply standard artificial greening interlocking tiles 50 cms x 50 cms. These can be used as a unit tile for a feature or can be used to create a continuous green wall.

Installation is very easy by direct fixing to a substrate such as timber wall or fence. The tiles can easily be fixed to a metal grid for either a standalone feature or fixing to any vertical surface.

Artificial vertical green wall, Australia
Model : A9


Looks natural
Indoor / outdoor use
UV resistant and anti-fading
No watering required
No maintenance
No toxic materials
Easy installation