Drainage cells – Roof Garden

Our sub surface drainage cells provide excellent drainage layer below the green roof, which is one of the most important component for a sustainable green roof.

drainage-cellsOur drainage cell provides a clear void which helps in quick drainage and without any obstruction.




Green Roofs
Landscaped decks
Podium & Roof Top Gardens
Planter boxes
Paved areas & Wooden decks
Sports fields, Retaining and basement walls
Floriculture & Horticulture – Plant Stands
Roof Cooling Systems
Golf course


Size : 453mm x 453mm
Height : 20 mm / 30mm
Colour: black
Material: polypropylene(pp)
Compressive strength:>100 ton / square meter
Biological / Chemical Resistant : Inert
Discharge Capacity : 350 lit./min @1% Gradient

Thoroughly clean waterproofed concrete slab
Install our drainage cells
Spread Geotextile filter fabric on top of drainage cells
Spread a layer of coarse sand
Fill the planting mixture above the sand
Proceed with the Landscaping : Grass, Plants & Trees

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