Smart way of vertical gardening in modern cities

Vertical gardening is a smart way of gardening in modern cities as it does not require much space. Just select an empty wall around having decent natural light, arrange for a water inlet at the top of the wall and a drainage outlet at the bottom.



By installing internal drip irrigation lines, you can water the each plant of the vertical garden effortlessly. Water will trickle down through the plants and drain below. It is important to remove the excess water at regular intervals, as the saturated water can cause roots of the plant to decay and risk the survival of the plant.

Vista concepts, is glad to introduce a vertical garden system which provides you a modular and flexible system which provides you all the above features. Modular feature of the system helps to create small or big vertical gardens. It can also cover small areas, curved walls and can also be built on a free standing structure. Remember, you don’t need a complicated draining system for your vertical garden either as the drain lines are inbuilt in our system.

You do not have to think about the way the water will drain, and which plants will thrive at the top versus the bottom of your garden. It will save your time and energy to select plant varieties which can survive water strain to be installed at the top of the greenwall and place plants that can handle lots of water at the bottom.

You also get freedom of creating planting patterns by selecting green, colour and shades as you like. Giving a fresh look to your vertical garden is also easy as you only have to shuffle the planted pots and create new planting pattern with the same plants.

As it is simple and easy to maintain it will result in a longer lasting, healthier green space for you to enjoy.

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